Blu Performance 316 Stainless Steel Unsprung Mitre Multipoint Door Handle - Pair

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The Blu Performance  316 Stainless Steel Mitre Multipoint Door Handle has a high-quality contemporary design that features a slimline backplate. They are ideal for use where corrosion levels are high such as in coastal environments and with acidic timber, due to them being manufactured from a base material of 316 marine-grade stainless Steel.

- Door Thickness: Up to 80mm
- Operation: Unsprung 
- Guarantee: Lifetime
- Durability: BS EN 1902:2012, Durability Grade 7 - 200,000 Cycles

Blu Performance uses only the finest materials, 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel is standard throughout the blu™ door handles and accessories as it prevents long-term corrosion issues, provides longevity, and trouble-free fitting with high-performance handles, particularly useful in exposed outdoor applications, especially in coastal settings.

Latch and Blank Plate supplied in SINGLES complete with fixings. 
Euro Lock supplied in PAIRS complete with fixings. 


Backplate - 249mm x 28mm x 8mm
Projection - 68mm
Lever Length - 125mm
Locking Centres - 92mm
Main Fixing Centres - 216mm (3-point fixing - top to middle: 100 mm / middle to bottom: 116mm)
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