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Front Door Knobs

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Front Door Knobs

Use the wide selection of Front Door Knobs at More Handles to find the right centrepiece for your front door. To create a co-ordinated look, we have a great selection of letter plates, door knockers, numerals and letters and bell pushes to match your front door knob. Along with matching window furniture as well to create a completely unified look inside and outside of the home.

Exterior Door Knobs

Exterior Door Knobs are a simple alteration you can make, to add a statement to your entrance-way doors today, for a relatively small amount. Front doors can be dressed with front door furniture and that match our front door handles and door knobs.

For added kerb appeal, you can brighten your entranceway doors with high-end outdoor lighting, add colour and greenery with beautiful flowers and plants with new planters.

If you're looking to add security accessories to front doors we also have multipoint locking front door handles and door chains and modern door viewers. We have a wide range of door knobs in mortice and rim versions for you to match your exterior door knobs to those within your home for a coordinated look both inside and out.