Osmo Wood Oils & Finishes

Osmo Wood Oils & Finishes

More Handles are proud to be stockists of Osmo Oil's

OSMO are a German-based company with a reputation as the best manufacturer of wood finishes and oils. Now available in the UK they are quickly establishing themselves as the market leader.



We provide a great range of Osmo wood oil and osmo wood finishes, from wood washes and base coats to wood preservers and wood revivers supplied by OSMO. These are great to treat, protect and preserve interior and exterior woodwork with a high quality, hardwearing finish to make wooden furntiure more durable and easy to maintain.

OSMO Wood Oils

Door Oil, Top Oil and Polyx Oil's - Preserve internal woodwork giving them a hard-wearing finish. The combination of natural oils and waxes makes these easy to apply and water-repellent. They don't crack, flake, peel or blister and provide a durable microporous finish that is dirt and water resistant making it durable and easy to maintain.

These Osmo wood oils are available in various finishes such as 3058 clear matt which has no tints or colours, 3061 Acacia is a slightly darker colour and 3068 Natural which is clear with white pigments, other finishes include Satin MattClear SatinSatin Matt RAPIDTerraAmberHoneyOak, and Clear and Raw

Wood Wash and Care and Wood Wax Cleaner

Osmo wash & care is a cleaning concentrate, used for regular cleaning of wood and cork surfaces. It cleans and freshens without leaving a film on the surface or traces of residue. Osmo liquid wax cleaner is for the initial cleaning and maintenance of wood and cork floors. It cleans and regenerates wood and is easy to apply. The wax is highly effective in getting rid of hard to remove stains.

Wood Base Coats, Wood Protectors and Wood Revivers

Osmo base coat is for protective treatment of exterior wood. It is water repellent and reduces shrinkage and swelling. Osmo wood protector is a wood preservative, wax primer for internal and external use. Extremely water repellent and recommended for areas of dampness and high humidity. The natural oils and waxes increase the water resistancy. Biocide-free and certified safe for human, animal and plant when dry. Osmo wood reviver is perfect for cleaning and refreshing external greyed wooden surfaces. The wood reviver regains the wood's natural character and almost original colour.