Specialist Hinges

Our range of specialist hinges will give a bespoke solution for any door opening and closing needs and come in an assortment of sizes, materials and finishes. Brief descriptions of the uses of our specialist hinges are listed below.

180 Degree Hinge - A projection hinge or parliament hinge projects doors clear of obstructions and the parliament hinges allow doors to fold back 180 degrees.

Continuous hinges also known as piano hinges are a great solution for lifting lids, often used on pianos, boxes, chests and so on.

A counter-flap hinge is for use on counters and a back-flap hinges are multipurpose.

Single action spring hinges automatically close the door, often used for fire doors or to replace door closers. Double action spring hinges allow doors to open in both directions, usually for commercial uses e.g. restaurant, etc.

Our rising butt hinges (rise and fall hinges) allow the door to open and raise up on the hinge to clear carpets.

Flush hinges are ideal for general purpose use on light doors and cabinets as they don't require any cutting into the frame or the door.