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Leather Door Handles

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Leather Door Handles

Leather door handles have a huge advantage that they are now available in a tremendous range of finishes and colours, it's no longer simply dark shades attributed to a more masculine aesthetic, there are highly popular neutral tones including light greys and white leathers that have a soft and more feminine feel.

Leather door handles have very good thermal capacity, they aren't as cold to the touch as more traditional handles. Leather door handles are tactile, they provide a warmer, cosier and more inviting touch when friends and family enter your abode and move through your home.

Leather door handles have been gaining popularity in the luxury residential market, world-class projects are shaping growing tastes and expectations in the growing market of high-end developments in cities like London. We believe this is due to leathers ability to soften contemporary homes and spaces without diminishing the opulent and modern aesthetics.