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Casement Fasteners

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Casement Fasteners

Casement fasteners are a simple addition to your window that can improve its usability. Casement window fasteners help to support open windows and help ensure closed windows stay secure. This minimal security measure doesn’t have to look functional either. Thanks to the wide selection of casement window fasteners on More Handles you can choose the exact design to suit your home.

Window Fasteners

Our casement fasteners and window fasteners come in a variety of finishes and designs. They will have a casement handle that is easy and comfortable to grip to make them easy to operate when opening and closing casement windows. These are accompanied by a variety of casement fastener hooks, casement fasteners with mortice plates which are used on standard casement windows where the fastener 'tongue' can latch into the frame. Or casement fastener with hook plates that are for use on flush casement windows, where it is not possible to use the frame for the fastener to hold the window close. For extra security, you can also get a locking fastener. The night vent casement window fastener versions can be locked in two open positions, as well as the closed position allowing some ventilation.

Our varied collection of finishes on our casement fasteners includes satin chrome, black antique, pewter, satin nickel and many more. These high-quality window fasteners are bought to you by Carlisle Brass, Frelan, Serozzetta, Ludlow Foundries, Kirkpatrick and From the Anvil.