Sliding Door Lock Systems

Sliding Door Lock

A flush sliding door lock set is often used for timber sliding doors and folding doors in bedrooms and bathrooms. They have flush fitting roses that are recessed into the door. With a thumbturn to operate the locking mechanism and a coin release to access and open doors quickly in case of an emergency. Many Sliding Door Locks are supplied with a finger pull socket that is fitted to the leading edge of the door enabling you to draw the door out from a recess within the wall.

Internal Sliding Door Locks

Our sliding door sets and systems are suitable for use with most standard internal doors or cupboard and wardrobe doors. They are a convenient space saver in the home as well as providing stunning designs that are well-tailored to current design trends.

These include cupboard sliding door systems that are for top-hung lightweight cupboard doors. Useful in kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms that require innovative ways to make the most of small spaces.

With sliding door systems and kits for glass and timber sliding doors also available. The sliding door kits are available in a variety of designs and finishes to complement traditional wooden doors, both light and dark, these traditional designs invoke imagery associated with old farmhouses, galley kitchens, and ship cabins. With more modern metal and glass sliding door kits also available, these help you make the optimal use of space,. When opening and closing your glass doors, they allow you to get an open, spacious impression of rooms, you can easily close doors again if you wish to separate spaces within the home. Especially in small rooms, windowless corridors and staircases.

Please note these are all the sliding door locks or the systems for hanging sliding doors, they do not include the door itself.