The More Handles Hardware section is where you will find a huge range of hardware to include:

A huge selection of Screws for a variety of processes, as well as Nails and Fixings for handles and general household applications.

Wood Oils and Finishes, the range varies from wood washes and base coats to wood preservers and wood revivers, supplied by OSMO and Liberon. Helping you to treat, protect and preserve your interior and exterior woodwork.

Castors in a variety of designs to suit upholstery on the legs of sofas, settees and drawing room chairs. To contemporary designs for fitting to modern cupboard, cabinet and other furniture bases as well as more durable castors suitable for heavy industrial use.

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Workwear and accessories for working in the building industry as well as doing D.I.Y projects at home. The collection includes tops and jackets, trousers and shorts to safety footwear to protect your feet while on site as well as accessories that provide maximum comfort while working.

Door and window seals and draught excluders to form an effective barrier against the outside climate, noise, light, fire, smoke and insects and provide a cost-effective solution for energy conservation.

Intumescent products that expand (intumesce) in the event of a fire, to many times their original volume and seal the gaps around windows and doors to provide a safe and effective barrier against the passage of fire and hot gases.

Hand tools for D.I.Y and building projects; hammers and axes; saws, pliers and spanners; screwdrivers and chisels; measures and spirits levels; tool boxes, belts, accessories and knives, blades and multitools. 

Silicones, sealers and adhesives
Ladders and platforms
Gate fittings
Cleaning products
Trend routers and tools
Mirka abrasives and sanding
Adhesive tapes

If there is a particular item you are unable to locate then please contact our trade counter:
Carlisle 01228 516516
Kendal 01539 482690
We have huge a selection of products on our trade counter, which may not always be available on the website.