Timco Twinslot Shelf Brackets White

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The Timco Veto Twin Slot Brackets are fixed twin slot brackets designed to be used in combination with a twin slot upright, available here.

The combination of this Timco Twin Slot Bracket used with the upright forms the secure and versatile Twin Slot shelving system that utilises a wall space to create an easy storage solution. The system features an upright that is fixed directly to the wall and used in conjunction with brackets that can be mounted at varying positions in the slots along the upright.

Finished with an Anti Microbial powder coating to protect against germs and bacteria making it ideal for health care and medical environments. It is also widely used in domestic, commercial, retail and educational applications.

The twin slot brackets combine adjustability with strength and versatility and is particularly suitable for use in classrooms, storerooms, offices, libraries, museums, records departments, showrooms, shops, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, health centres and office developments etc. because of its simplicity, strength and adjustability.

They are available in varying lengths to suit the depth of shelf required. Maximum weight loading's are shown for each individual bracket but consideration should also be given to the wall structure, types of fixing, shelving types and distances between brackets.

These Twin Slot brackets are available in 120, 170, 220, 270, 320, 370, 470 and 610mm lengths to suit a wide variety of applications. Also available is a Medium-Duty shelf bracket to suit heavier loads, see in the order grid below.

Note: - To calculate the weight load in Newtons multiply the kg load by a factor of 9.81. 

Installation - No special tools are required for installation of the shelf system. Fixing of uprights should be effected using brown plastic plugs and 75mm No. 10 screws or similar to suit the substrate and site conditions. Recommended centres for uprights are 500-600mm. A shelf overhang of approximately 150mm should be left at each end. The type and thickness of shelf material and the application must be considered before fixing the system.

Minimum order is 10. Designed to fit with a Twinslot Upright.


712159: 120mm (For loads up to 151kg)
712028: 170mm (For loads up to 108kg)
712987: 220mm (For loads up to 84kg)
712321: 270mm (For loads up to 69kg)
712654: 320mm (For loads up to 60kg)
712147: 370mm (For loads up to 57kg)
712258: 470mm (For loads up to 80kg)


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