Simonswerk Galvanises Tectus Universal Milling Jig

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Simonswerk TECTUS Universal Milling Jig, a fitting installation aid for SIMONSWERK templates. The Universal milling frames are also available as serial milling jigs for serial production. The suitable routing templates must be ordered separately for the respective hinges.

Fitting instructions:

  • 1. Secure the clamping device to the routing frame using the clamp rods.
  • 2. Roughly adjust the clamping device according to rebate construction and fix in place with fastening screws.
  • 3. Clamp routing frame to workpiece with clamping wheel.
  • 4. Insert template and roughly adjust using the standard values given for rail and angle.
  • 5. Carry out fine adjustment using spindles.

Fitting Notes:

  • Hinge reference line (HRL): The 1st HRL is 241 mm away from the frame rebate or 237 mm away from the upper edge of the door rebate. The distance between the 1st and 2nd HRL depends on the height of the door.
  • Hinge reference line (HRL) and position of the hinge. In dimensions A + B, it can be in the centre, or it can vary within a product group, i. e. deviate from the centre.
  • Mark the position of the hinge and position the universal milling frame by means of the centre indicator.
  • Depending on the type of hinge, the suitable routing template must be selected. Insert the template and position it on the fixing pin.
  • Adjust rail and angle according to the data on the routing template.
  • Clamp the milling frame onto the workpiece by means of the clamping wheel. If necessary, conduct a trial.
  • Clamping situations, depending on the rebate construction.
  • Use of the serial milling jig: Depending on the desired position of the mortises, the milling body must be positioned and fixed. The end stops must be set individually to the right and left.
  • The end stops are 3 mm thick and can therefore be used as spacers. Settings: see universal milling frame.

Supplied complete with:

  • 1 x universal frame long
  • 1 x clamping device

Please Note: Templates need to be ordered separately.

Please see Simonswerk instructional video for fitting Tectus Hinges.

Please see Simonswerk Product Data Sheet and Fitting Instructions for TECTUS Universal Milling Jig.


1 – 2 Weeks

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