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Door Stops

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If you're looking for a Floor Door Stop you've come to the right place! Our floor mounted door stop collection is designed to hold doors in place to keep entry ways open and inviting, whilst also creating a charming embellishment to door ways.

A free standing floor door stop can allow you to place the door stop wherever you wish to hold the door open or prevent doors from hitting and marking the door or the wall.

A floor door stop can vary from a simple and traditional wooden, plastic or rubber wedge door stop for as little as £0.98, to decorative rustic wooden door stops with whimsical and characterful designs. As well as solid metal floor door stops that are hard-wearing and durable for busy door ways, and they often have a rubber ring to cushion the door.

We also have a wider selection of door stops, with wall mounted variations and more, perfect for use in residential and commercial settings.