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Crofts & Assinder Cabinet Handles

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Crofts and Assinder Handles

Crofts and Assinder Handles come in a wide variety of styles, finishes and materials as they have created four fantastic collections to suit almost any interior style and design.

Crofts and Assinder Handles from their exclusive new Special Works draw inspiration from the great British industrial age combined with textures from the natural world. These Crofts and Assinder Handles are hot forged from genuine Solid Brass and finished in high-quality finish of your choice. The knurled style draw design from the gently knurled seeds of the centre of a sunflower, the sleek façade of the cupboard handle combines with a chic industrial effect, imparting a subtle balance of pared-down perfection and delicate detailing to create an enduring statement piece.

Crofts and Assinder Handles from the Mazak Collection combine classic and minimalist designs with a broad range of cutting-edge finishes, including the latest popular copper finishes, nickel, and chrome. The Mazak collection provides the very latest interior design accessories at an affordable price.

Crofts and Assinder Handles from their European Design range provide a sleek and contemporary collection of pragmatic and ergonomic cabinet furniture that is designed and manufactured in Europe.

Crofts and Assinder Cast Iron collection of cupboard handles and knobs are hand made from quality Iron and finished with a matte lacquer to showcase the natural beauty of the metal, while maintaining the natural textured look of the iron. These Croft and Assinder cupboard handles combine up-to-date production processes with timeless designs.