Finesse Design - How They Produce Award-Winning Pewter Door Handles

finesse pewter door handles

Finesse Design, based in County Durham England, make the very best solid pewter door handles.  The award-winning range of pewter door handles and cupboard handles are uniquely designed and produced exclusively in England using their own in-house developed production techniques.

finesse design pewter hardware process

Ian Smith is the designer behind the Finesse Pewter range of Door Hardware.  From a succesful silversmithing background he has used various design forms as his inspiration.  Growing up in the same village as the famous sculptor Henry Moore, Ian was exposed to design at an early age, becoming a silversmith with his own hallmark at 16 years old.

A chance meeting with an interior designer led him to start designing and manufacturing door hardware 15 years ago, and became part of the DJH Group in 2005 launching Finesse Design.


Once a design has been approved Finesse Design have the added benefit of their own engineering shop where many patterns are produced using CNC machining, sculpture work is carried out by our highly skilled pattern makers to create the perfect final design for your home.

Finesse Pewter Door Handles - How Are they Made?


Production moulds are then made and the raw material is mixed to our own high specification.   Using only the best-quality lead-free Pewter (min 92% tin), which is entirely safe to use anywhere in the home, and has a warm and lustrous quality. It is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean with a soft damp cloth and does not rust.

Finesse Pewter Door Handles - How Are they Made?


The Finesse Design factory based in a small town in County Durham England is ranked amongst one of the best in the world for Pewter casting.  Having invested in the latest technolgy casting machines as well as keeping a hand pouring facilty for larger items, there is a level of detail and care in production that clearly shows through in the fiunal product.

Finesse Pewter Door Handles - How Are they Made?


Once cast each piece goes through a unique finishing process developed by Finesse themselves over the past 10 years, using a combination of machines and materials to achieve our distinctive finish.

Finesse Pewter Door Handles - How Are they Made?


Finally, each piece is hand assembled and checked, and then carefully packed.

Finesse Pewter Door Handles - How Are they Made?


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