The Factory Collective - Garage Drop Down Bolt

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The Factory Collective Garage Drop Down Bolt is just the thing for securing the bottom of gates and doors in industrial applications. It has a long bolt length to provide easy operation and an adjustable bolt throw by moving the keep position.

Available in black and Zinc finishes. The black and zinc finishes are ideal for use in areas that are only occasionally damp or wet, in rural and sheltered areas.

Supplied in SINGLES.


F752-12-BL - 300mm or 12"

F752-12-ZP - 300mm or 12"

F752-18-BL - 450mm or 18"

F752-18-ZP - 450mm or 18"

F752-24-BL - 600mm or 24"

F752-24-ZP - 600mm or 24"

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