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Artificial Hedges

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Artificial Hedges

Artificial Hedges are a fantastic alternative to traditional fencing, they provide instant colour and life for your home and garden. Artificial hedges are a wonderful alternative to live hedging as you won't have to wait years for them to grow. Order today and receive a fully grown, lush and bright artificial hedge within days from More Handles. Once you have your new artificial hedges in place you can sit back and enjoy. There's little time needed for maintenance on our artificial hedges, so money and time spent on planting replacements and paying gardeners can be a thing of the past. 

Our artificial hedges provide instant garden screens that are expandable to fit your desired space and create defining points around your garden and outdoor borders and boundaries.

Whether you’re looking for screening panels to hide the bins or to add more privacy to your garden, our instant garden screens can help you to achieve the desired look in minutes. With little maintenance required afterwards, you can now spend time doing the things you really want to, rather than weeding and watering to maintain your hedging.

Faux Garden Hedges

Faux garden hedges provide glorious foliage that will look vibrant for years to come. You can use our artificial garden hedges on your existing wall or fence to improve privacy in your garden, to screen unsightly marks or damage on walls and fences, or simply to break-up a standard wall, terrace, balcony or fence by adding a splash of greenery to these spaces, using artificial hedges as an instant screen.

Our instant faux garden hedges look effective and realistic compared to standard Laurel evergreen shrubs and small trees, so they can instantly transform the look of your gardens, walkways, patios, walled gardens and terraces. What's best, is that as the weather begins to turn, the hedging will continue to look great all year round!