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The From The Anvil Arrow T Hinge has a ‘Gothic shaped’ pointed end and is one of our most popular choices for hanging doors, wardrobes or cupboard/cabinet doors. The traditional way of choosing a hinge size means it should reach two-thirds of the way across the door but providing it reaches at least halfway across it should carry the weight of most doors with no problems. For especially heavy doors a third hinge can be used (three on one door).

Available in - 
Beeswax - The perfect choice for those seeking an authentic finish for their steel products. By dipping the forged items into hot beeswax, they can preserve the original colours, ranging from blue to deep ochre. The subtle matt richness of the beeswax offers a more natural and softer alternative to traditional black powder-coated finishes. With proper maintenance, these products provide excellent internal protection, ensuring durability and longevity.
Black - A timeless choice for traditional interiors. With a subtle sheen that provides a striking contrast on both stained and painted wood, Black ironmongery is a popular option for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their space. Crafted using a high-temperature baking process, these Black products boast long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion.
External Beeswax - A hallmark of quality craftsmanship by From The Anvil. Crafted with their special anti-corrosive beeswax, this finish provides a unique matt richness with a colour spectrum ranging from blue to deep ochre red. Unlike black powder coating, this natural beeswax finish offers a softer, more organic aesthetic.
Pewter Patina - Crafted from high-quality steel, these pieces feature a luxurious appearance that adds charm and character to any space. From the Anvils’ unique manufacturing techniques create a rich texture on the surface of the metal, making them perfect for both rustic and modern interiors.

The Welsh-based brand From the Anvil designs and manufactures high-quality, hand-made, functional ironmongery that enhances and revives traditional buildings and brings an authentic and rustic charm to newer builds. From The Anvil designs are drawn and hand forged in the traditional fashion of English blacksmithing. The products are beautifully suited to listed, cottage and period properties because of their timeless appearance.

Supplied in PAIRS complete with fixings. 


Length - 108mm
Plate - 83mm x 16mm
Arm - 82mm

Length - 161mm
Plate - 102mm x 17mm
Arm - 157mm

Length - 230mm
Plate - 122mm x 24mm
Arm - 196mm

Length - 301mm
Plate - 120mm x 23mm
Arm - 262mm

Length - 386mm
Plate - 129mm x 24mm
Arm - 350mm

Length - 466mm
Plate - 130mm x 24mm
Arm - 428mm

Length - 553mm
Plate - 155mm x 35mm
Arm - 502mm

Length - 914mm
Plate - 305mm x 51mm
Arm - 854mm

*Please note, the sizes stated may vary slightly due to the hand-forged process in which they are made. 

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