If you’re looking to move house then the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Prospective buyers who see a kitchen that needs updating mentally subtract thousands of pounds from the value of your house. What can you do if your kitchen is looking a little bit worse for wear? This is where our cupboard door handles can help. 

Cupboard Door Handles Give Old Cupboards A Facelift

There is no need to reinvest in completely new cupboards. You can simply repaint the old ones and add new cupboard door handles. This will freshen up the look of your kitchen and convince those house hunters that they do want to buy your house. This is a great example of how making small changes to the fixtures and fittings of your house can add value in the eyes of prospective buyers.


Enjoy The New Cupboard Door Handles Yourself

Alternatively, you might not be selling your house and might just want to update your kitchen cupboard door handles for your own use. Lots of people at the moment are choosing to stay in their homes and not move until property prices rise a bit more. Those little touches like new cupboard door handles, can give your home the facelift that it needs for you to enjoy carrying on living there. You can call into the More Handles showroom in person or visit our website to see the full range of door handles that we have available.

T BAR HANDLE FTD410SS Stainless Steel

If you want to more advice on how to dress up your kitchen doors with our selection of cupboard door handles contact us at 01228 516 516 or email sales@morehandles.co.uk.


Simple and contemporary solid stainless steel T-bar cupboard handle