How do I fit my new door knobs?

Another helpful DIY Video Guide courtesy of Carlisle Brass.

The video gives a step-by-step guide of how to fit door knobs with a concealed rose fixing, which applies to the Carlisle Brass, Delamain ranges, as well as most modern door knob fittings.

Here are the simple instructions on how to fit a door handle on rose taken from the video;

1. Insert 8mm square spindle through the latch so it protrudes equally on both sides of the door.
2. Position inner fixing roses and plastic locating washers over each end of the spindle and push them down on to the face of the door.
3. If using bolt through fixings, ensure that countersunk holes ‘A’
are lined up by drilling through the door.
4. If face fixing, pilot the countersunk holes marked ‘B’ and fix screws to door with screws provided.
N.B Door thicknesses can vary, ensure that screws do not foul the
mechanism when tightened.
5. Carefully locate the furniture from both sides of the door on to the spindle and over the fixing rose and screw it clockwise until tight against the face of the door.

You should now have a neatly fitted door knob!

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