How do I fit my new door handles?

This week we have a very useful DIY Video Guide courtesy of Carlisle Brass.

The video gives a step-by-step guide of how to fit door handles on a rose, which applies to the Carlisle Brass, Serozzetta, Eurospec and Steelworx ranges, as well as most modern door handles on a rose.


Here are the simple instructions on how to fit a door handle on rose taken from the video;

1. In conjunction with lock/latch backset, use the adjacent template.
2. Mark out centre hole A, then fixing holes B1 and B2 at 38.0mm centres.
3. Using a 5.0mm diameter bit, drill holes B1 and B2 at 38.0mm centres as shown.
4. Using a 20.0mm diameter bit, drill hole A at the centre location.
5. Put the spindle into one of the levers and securely fix the grub screw, ensuring enough spindle is free to pass through door and to be secured in the opposing lever.
6. Place the lever to the door so the spindle passes through the latch/lock follower and line up the holes on the rose with those pre-drilled in the door.
7. Place the second lever on the opposite side of door and using both the bolts provided, evenly tighten up both bolts, so both lever are secured firmly against the surface of the door.
8. Tighten up grub screw on opposite lever and recheck all fixings are secure. If levers do not operate freely, check alignment of all components.
9. Place and screw on both outer rose covers.

You should now have a neatly fitted door handle on rose!

For more useful videos on door handles, locks, latches and hinges visit the More Handles You Tube Channel.

If you found these instructions helpful or have any further suggestions to fit a door handle correctly, get in touch with us at More Handles.