Contemporary Kitchens: Your Questions Answered
(Courtesy of Homebuilding Mag)

Cupboard Handles at More Handles

Contemporary kitchens have caught up with traditional in the popularity stakes, but just how do you create a sleek, chic room that serves such a practical purpose too?

Which Units?

There are several big trends prevailing in contemporary kitchens, some of them contradicting each other. At one end you have high-gloss units, whilst at the other the more subtle matt-finish units are big news. The same goes for colour. Whilst some showrooms are full of the latest bright shades – with lime green, tangerine orange and rich purples being particular favourites – others are encouraging buyers to keep it neutral with whites, soft beiges and greys. This all comes down to personal preference, but what all contemporary units do have in common is that they are free of any fuss. This means unit doors should be flush and the opening mechanisms hidden, with doors opening either through a ‘push click’ system or with handles moulded into the doors or concealed. Likewise, combining materials in the kitchen is hot news. Where it was once preferable to have runs of matching units, the current trend is to mix and match natural materials with man-made.

Contemporary kitchen with Stainless Steel Cupboard Handles

But I'm on a Tight Budget...

Some of the coolest contemporary homes are kitted out with (shhh, say it quietly) off-the- shelf kitchens. The key when buying a standard kitchen is to customise. Many people have already cottoned onto buying less-expensive unit carcasses and trendying them up with stylish doors. However, more people are now buying cost-effective kitchens and putting their own mark on them in other ways, such as having doors spray-painted at a local workshop, removing door handles or knobs and replacing them with something designer, or topping units with the very latest in work surfaces. With a little creativity, an off-the-shelf kitchen can be your little secret.

Contemporary kitchen with modern chrome cupboard handles

One of the new trends that the judges of this year’s The Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards were greeted with in several of the houses they viewed is double kitchens — that is to say two kitchens rather than one. This is a trend for the seriously house proud out there who would prefer that the kitchen seen by house guests remains an oasis of calm, with plates of canapés and neat piles of limes the only clutter being organised. The second kitchen is where the work takes place and is home to the usual clutter and chaos. An indulgence perhaps, but one that we might secretly covet.