Want To Know How You Can Change Door Knobs By Yourself?  Read on

If you’re looking forward to giving your home a facelift then the best way to kick off those old looks will be by replacing your old door knobs with new ones. Though these tiny elements may not be the cutting edge of decoration, they certainly contribute a lot to the look of your home. Replacing knobs needn’t be a difficult or time consuming task and it is actually quick and easy to do it yourself process. Firstly, you need to remove the old fixture, which can be done by unscrewing it using a screwdriver. Next adjust the door knob backset. Next slide the door knob handle with the shaft attached through the hole of the striker and line up the screw holes on the inside of the knob handle with holes in the striker. The moment the holes are aligned you should slide the other knob handle over the end of the knob duct and cross check if the screw holes are still lined up. Then hold the door knobs in place while sliding one long screw through each of the screw holes of the knob. Using a screwdriver tighten each screw down the rest of the way. Next test if the door knob functions correctly.


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