Cottingham Antique Iron Wire Hat And Coat Hook 70.336S from More Handles

Antique Iron Wire Hat and Coat Hook from Cottingham


Cottingham Wire Hat and Coat Hook.This vintage coat hook has a wire like design, with a number plaque which fits onto the front.  You can choose either a set of numbers 1-5 or 1-10. These hooks are supplied in SINGLES. You will need to order 5x hooks, plus one set of 1-5 number plaques, OR, 10x hooks plus one set of 1-10 number plaques.

This antique iron hat and coat hook's finish is made using genuine iron without artificial coatings, which means this finish will age naturally over time. This selection of cast iron goes through a 5 stage hand finishing process to achieve the natural authentic finish.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is of a rustic nature and is designed to both look and feel as if it has been in use for many years. You may wish to order a refundable sample before purchasing in larger quantities to make sure it suits the application. This product is created using genuine cast iron. The finish is left unlacquered for authenticity. Light surface rust may be present or develop when used in damp environments. If desired, this can be easily removed by using light oil (such as WD 40) and a fine grade wire wool. Ordinarily when regularly used, this product develops it's own patina, but should you wish to afford additional protection, we recommend Maintenance Wax be applied, which will give the iron a protective seal against any moisture.

Hooks supplied in singles. Number plaques supplied in sets of either 1-5 or 1-10

Delivery Times: Approximately 7 days

Overall Length: 165mm

Availability: In stock

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Code Finish Variation Price Qty
70.336S.AI.165 70.336S.AI.165 Antique Iron School Wire Hat & Coat Hook x1 only. (please order the plaques by the set as below.)
RRP: £11.25 exc VAT exc VAT £5.63 inc VAT £6.76
70.343.AI.1-5 70.343.AI.1-5 Antique Iron Numbers Plaques x5 pieces. Numbers 1-5
RRP: £12.50 exc VAT exc VAT £6.25 inc VAT £7.50
70.343.AI.1-10 70.343.AI.1-10 Antique Iron Number Plaques x10 pieces. Numbers 1-10
RRP: £25.00 exc VAT exc VAT £12.50 inc VAT £15.00
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