Window Casement Stays

Window Casement Stays

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Window Stays

We’ve collected the best selection of window stays for your home. We know the importance of creating a completed look so we’ve matched our casement stays to our door handles and door knobs that feature throughout our other collections. That means you can choose from Victorian and Georgian designs as well as our monkey tail and shepherd’s crook casement stays. We’ve collected these designs because of their beauty, versatility and practicality.

Window Latches

Each of our window latches and stays are available in different finishes, such as chrome, satin and brass. Other finishes are available to suit different styles of décor.

If you’re opting for traditional, the Anvil Cast Monkeytail window stay is made to exceptional quality standards. British made, these traditional ironmongery window stays are guaranteed to give your home that period look and feel.

Casement Stays

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