Garden Mirrors & Clocks

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Decorate walled gardens and patio's by hanging outdoor garden mirrors and clocks, they can add interest to dull areas or brighten darker corners of the garden.

Garden Mirrors

We have a wide selection of garden mirrors that provide an easy and quick way to add a touch of personal style to dull-looking garden walls. They can be especially great when used in small gardens helping to refract and reflect light into dark corners and create the illusion of more depth in your outdoor spaces.

Garden Clocks

Don't worry about losing track of time when you're whiling away the hours in your garden with this fantastic selection of decorative garden clocks. Garden clocks are a stylish way of hiding unsightly garden walls and fences, whilst also providing an additional touch of taste and elegance to your outdoor spaces. Our garden clocks are weather resistant and are suitable for hanging on outside garden walls.