Door Stops

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Looking for a door stop today? Our Door Stop category has a wide range of traditional and modern designs.

A Wall Mounted Door Stop can be traditional door catches to a contemporary wall mounted door stop that is attached to the wall, placed in front or behind the door to prevent doors from damaging walls.

We also stock classical and simple designs of door stops, such as door wedges as well as modern floor mounted door stops, free standing door stops attached to the floor, placed either in front or behind the door to prevent hitting doors against walls when opening and closing doors.

You can buy door stops and door holders in round, square, cylinder and oval shapes, usually with rubber attached where the door will hit. Chrome door stops and stainless steel door stops are popular, but we also have other finishes available.

For other door stops browse our selection of characterful floor door stops with rustic and decorative designs for additional embellisment to your doors.

These door stops are supplied by Karcher Design, Ludlow Foundries, More, Zoo Hardware, Consort and Carlisle Brass.