Door Catches

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Door Catches

Within our door accessories we have door catches, door latches, throw over latches, door fasteners and More that can help you improve home security. We have a wide door catch category in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to match your door furniture. If you're looking for a door catch or latch for your cupboards, wardrobes and cabinets please see our Cupboard Door Catches.

From modern designs such as a Concealed Magnetic Door Catch in modern finishes of stainless steel, that are innovative and versatile, quick and easy to install, for use on any cupboard, wardrobe and full-size door in the same way a rollerball door catch can be used, roller ball door catches allows doors to be pulled open instead of having a handle which must turn a latch.

Door Catches and Latches

Door catches and latches range to traditional door catches that have a hook plate that is mounted to the wall and the catch plate is mounted to the inside of the door. As the door opens the hook is pushed up and then latches itself back down and into place. These are available in rustic black finishes through to more modern polished brass.

Throw Over Latch

A throw over latch has a more traditional design and are available in a great variety of finishes to suit your cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes designs. They help to keep cupboard and cabinet doors closed and keep kitchens and rooms around the home neat and tidy.

The door catches, a throw over latch, or a door fastener, can range from a 3.5kg pull, 4.5kg pull and 6kg pull. Our door catch selection is manufactured and supplied by Carlisle Brass, Fingertip Design and Frelan.