Outdoor Lights

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Outdoor Lights

From outdoor spotlights to luxury and designer marine and nautical grade outdoor lighting. We have something for everyone! Browse Online Now.

Luxury Outdoor Lighting

Our designer and luxury outdoor lighting include collections from world-renowned British brands Timage and Industville, known for their expertise, attention to detail, high-grade materials. Timage are known for designing and building outdoor light units that will withstand the rigours and stress of life at sea. Industville are distinguished for making use of gorgeous metals such as raw copper and brass, which are individually hand finished with meticulous care to ensure the authentic individual quality of each outdoor light is retained.

Traditional British Outdoor Lighting from high-end British ironmongery brand, Kirkpatrick. Their black outdoor lights are perfect for classic and rustic style décor. Crafted by skilled Blacksmiths right here in the UK at their foundry in Walsall since 1855. They combine age-old manufacturing techniques with advanced finishing methods and ensure that their outdoor lights offer true heritage and longevity that others cannot match.

Modern and contemporary outdoor lights include spotlights and recessed lights, path lights and motion sensor lights, we have something for every application here at More Handles!