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Decorative Vases for adding a stylish, bright and romantic mood to any home. Use our metal, ceramic and glass vases as beautiful little vessels for flowers to brighten rooms by adding vibrant and fragrant flowers to create charming and colourful additions to any home, office, or restaurant.

We have a wide range of large and small vases that look equally good when displayed as stand-alone pieces as they do when displayed in a pair.

Glass Vases

We have tall and elegant glass vases to create striking features in your home. Ideal for displaying medium to long-stemmed blooms and foliage on tables and mantelpieces around your home.

Ceramic Flower Vases

We also have quirky and colourful ceramic vases, like our artichoke vases, use these as decorative pieces on their own stand-alone pieces, for displaying bright blooms that will complement or contrast against the colourful ceramics or they can also be used for adding a stylish, romantic mood to an occasion with candles.

Metal Vases

Large and modern metallic urns and vases make striking features in any space. The contemporary textured silver finishes complement the sleek contemporary lines of modern homes, to rustic bronze and copper vases that create a rustic feel or an easy way to add a touch of warmth and ambience that will look great set against white or black coloured furniture.