Polished Nickel & Satin Nickel Door Handles

Polished Nickel & Satin Nickel Door Handles

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Fantastic value polished & satin nickel door handles on backplate that have contemporary design themes. Nearly all nickel door handles have the variations of a non-locking latch, standard UK lock and a bathroom lock backplate available. There are also many with variations like privacy backplate and euro profile or oval profile backplate to suit a variety of cylinder locks.

Door handles on backplate are a popular choice to cover up screwholes left from old door handles. Most door handles on backplate are sprung to be used in conjunction with mortice latches, you can purchase new mortice latches from our online store.

The finishes on these nickel door handles on backplate are perfect for modern interior décor, but can also refresh dated designs and furniture. Polished nickel is durable and offers a smooth, shiny finish that can appear to change in colour with different lighting, making polished nickel door handles more of a statement piece. Brushed and satin nickel has a softer appearance making it easier to match with accessories around the home for a fully coordinated look. Satin nickel finishes require less maintenance, as they’re easier to clean and are less likely to show wear, fingerprints or water spots.

These nickel door handles on backplate are supplied by manufacturers such as Carlisle Brass, Zoo Hardware and Frelan Hardware, so you can guarantee quality and value for money at More Handles.