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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Relaimed Wood Furniture

Our collection of reclaimed wood furniture includes coat racks, shelving, wine racks and candle holders. They make great furniture pieces for storing and decoratively displaying items around the home. 

All pieces are 100% British designed and crafted pieces by local craftsmen here in Cumbria! Each product in the collection is named after a place that has a sentimental meaning to its creator, this includes place names of locations in Cumbria and around the UK, all the way to town names in Portugal, Estonia and further afield.

Created using reclaimed pallet wood which is sanded back and hand joined into the beautiful creations you see here today. These handmade pieces are perfect if you are looking to embrace an industrial farmhouse design, a trend becoming increasingly popular in recent times.

The wood used is left raw and unfinished for a beautiful, authentic look. If you do wish to apply polish or wax to this wood, we recommend using our Liberon Wood Wax. Please note that because each piece is individually handmade, the wooden display unit that you receive may differ in appearance to the image shown here due to natural differences in the wood's grain. Each product is handmade and completely unique and differences between two products are to be noticed and celebrated.