Wooden door knobs are beautiful pieces of door hardware that can truly set a room apart from the rest. Not only do they look stylish but they also have a sense of tradition that adds to the room. Door knobs made from wood can enhance your property’s value giving it an instant appeal. It is an apt choice for when you want to spruce up the persona of your door with the correct door hardware that is suitable for the style of your home. Remember the door really is the first impression on entry into your home and hence having wooden door knobs can really give it a unique individuality.




At More Handles we have the most splendid looking door hardware. Our range of wooden door knobs includes the traditional simple ‘bun’ style door knob to the more elegant and contemporary looking designs. You can find a door knob for all styles, tastes and needs at More Handles. Our wooden door knobs are created utilizing materials such as Pine, Beech, Apple Wood and even Coconut! Furthermore, all are created from only sustainable sources making them environmentally friendly too. So now you can shop all you want for the perfect door knob in wood and be rest assured of its source, quality and design standards.


The wooden cupboard knobs are a wonderful choice for use in the kitchen door and also as cupboard door hardware. It’s simple and has a lovely unfinished polish available in either pine or beech. Then the slightly more sophisticated looking door knob, the radio cupboard knob (shown below) is a door hardware made in the highest quality and really showcases the natural  texture of wood combined with modern design elements. Similarly, you can get much more from us at More Handles. So if you want to bring home tradition that looks modern and stylish then wooden door knobs from us are the way to go.Wooden Radio Handle Walnut and Oak

Wooden Radio Knob