If your doors have a multi-point lock system, often found on exterior doors then you will need uPVC door handles. These have a narrower back plate than more traditional pewter door handles. Our uPVC door handles have unsprung levers with a Euro or oval profile keyhole. We have many different finishes and manufacturers available, including ‘From the Anvil’ and ‘Eurospec’.


What are the advantages of using uPVC door handles?

uPVC door handles are highly durable. They are resistant to all the seasons of the British weather, able to resist moisture, as well as extremes of heat and cold. uPVC multi-point door handles require very little maintenance, no oiling for example, and can simply be wiped down with a cloth. These characteristics make uPVC the ideal material for exterior door handles, especially in our climate.

How can I tell if I need uPVC door handles?

Do you know if you have a multi-point lock system needing uPVC door handles? There are several ways to check. You can have a look for the manufacturer’s name stamped on to the lock strip. You can measure the lock to see its dimensions – this will give you a clue as to the type of locking system you have. You can also have a look at what locking points there are on the strip (hooks or rollers) to help you to identify the type of lock that you have. 

If you need help identifying your locks or any other advice about door handles then please contact us on 01228 516516 or emailsales@morehandles.co.uk.