More Handles Introduces Swarovski Crystal Door Knobs

Always looking for new and interesting pieces More Handles have sourced some beautiful modern door knobs from Europe. The simple contemporary design gives an unusual twist (pun intended!) to the traditional door knob.

To complement the sleek modern design the door knobs are studded with genuine Swarovski Crystals to really add a touch of glamour to the look. Part of the Swarovski Crystallized Elements range these products are all sold under official license from Swarovski.

There are 4 designs to choose from each one available in either Polished Brass, Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome;

The first design displays one large Swarovski Crystal on the face of the door knob. Beautifully faceted, the cut of the crystal really catches the light.

2014SC Satin Chrome Door Knob with two small round Swarovski crystals
The second design has a much smaller Swarovski Crystal offset on the face of the Door Knob and another on the length.

2015PB Polished Brass Door Knob with Large Rectangular Swarovski Crystal down the side.
The third design has a large rectangular Swarovski Crystal running the length of the Door Knob.

2012SC/BLACK Satin Chrome door knob with black band of small Swarovski crystals
The fourth design has a large band of tiny Swarovski Crystals around the length of the Door Knob which look very striking.

These Swarovski Crystal Door Knobs are available to order online at