Sliding Doors are a popular and long established style of door in mainland Europe and are gaining in popularity here in the UK.

Often used in hotels and apartments, because of their space saving capabilities, the contemporary designs now available also means that architects and interior designers are making much more use of the sliding door in both commercial and residential applications.
Sliding doors are appropriate in many different situations, and are made in all kinds of different sizes and materials. Usually supported on a hanging rail they simply hang over the wall space when open. There is a growing trend to fitting pocket sliding doors, where the door recesses into a special cavity in the wall itself, and is therefore completely invisible when open.

More Handles are pleased to announce they have an excellent range of sliding door locks, along with flush handles and pull handles

Locking a sliding door requires a hook lock rather than the standard bolt to secure the door shut. Available in a range of finishes and different styles, More Handles can supply many direct from stock here in the UK, and can order other variations with a 2-3 week despatch.

Please call the team at More Handles if you have any questions.