How Can Short Plate Door Knobs Add A Traditional Charm To Your Home?



Backplates are pieces of metal that fit between the door knob and wood of your door. Backplates have numerous benefits; they protect your door finishes, enhance the beauty of your doors, and keep maintenance to minimum and much more. They are a lot less expensive alternative to refinishing. These plates come in wide range of looks, styles, colours and finishes and you can find ones that will match your existing door knobs easily. Backplates are a decorative way to spruce up your door hardware’s appearance. Now if you want backplates that will have an art deco feel and ooze out traditional charm, then choose short plate knobs. These can effectively add an element of traditional style to your doors and home. Short plate knobs offer a new focal point with a traditional flair. Now if you’re considering to add a bit of old times to your home and you’re looking out for short plate door knobs then the best place to shop will be More Handles.


Short Plate Door Knobs From More Handles:

We have a huge variety of short plate door knobs from leading brands. Such an extensive range means you’ll be spoilt for choice. They come in a wide range of designs and styles; they are made from industrial grade materials, which mean they are functional, practical and durable. These come in excellent finishes that make them reliable and timeless pieces. All our short plate door knobs are created with the user in mind and with immense creativity. Every piece will reflect craftsmanship. You can be sure you’ll get the most prestigious piece and the joy you get with beautifying your properties with these backplates will surely be immeasurable.


To add a quaint old charm to your homes, short plate door knobs from More Handles are a must have.  For more information contact us at More Handles Unit 3 Grearshill Road Kingstown Ind Est Carlisle CA3 0E Tel: 01228 516 516 Fax: 01228 401 847 E: