Why is it important to give great thought while selecting knobs and handles?

Most often while trying to give our homes a new facelift, door hardware like handles and knobs is something that is always overlooked.  Most of us fail to realize that these tiny elements can make a real big difference in the way our doors and home look.  Door handles and door knobs are extensions of your home’s personality and a well thought out plan for upgrading this door hardware will yield good results. 

Since you’ll be using these elements many times a day, you’ll definitely want it to feel good when it’s being gripped and if you’re considering something best for your doors, then head on to More Handles.  We are leading suppliers of door hardware and stock an extensive range from top brands like Carlisle Brass, Pewter, From the Anvil, etc.  Our range offers endless possibilities for you to make your doors highly functional and attractive.  All our door handles and door knobs are made from superior quality materials and are made to withstand all elements and there can be no doubt when it comes to durability and functionality.  Selecting handles and knobs is not an easy task and can be quite challenging.

How Do I Pick The Right Door Handle for my Home?

To help you choose the best handles and knobs, we have provided some tips below.

  • Make sure that you set a budget for door handles and knobs so that you don’t go overboard and end up with an expensive project.  Fortunately, at More Handles you can get all you want without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Next decide if your door needs a handle or a knob.  If you already have handles or door knobs fixed, then you have no choice other than to stick to the same type.
  • Decide if your doors need a lock or whether just a latch is enough.  Then choose door handles and knobs accordingly.
  • Then consider the period design of your home and choose handles and knobs that will well suit the period of your home.  At More Handles, we carry styles from all periods and you’ll be surely spoilt for choice.
  • Next you must choose handles and knobs with finishes that will best compliment your home.

If you still need help with choosing the door handles and door knobs that will best compliment your home contact our specialists at More Handles, Unit 3 Grearshill Road, Kingstown Industrial Estate, Carlisle, CA3 0E

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