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More Handles has beautiful range of Porcelain Door Knobs and Porcelain Door Handles.  Manufactured in Staffordshire, England, the heart of The Potteries, our collection of quality porcelain door knobs and handles has a huge range of designs to choose from.

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Our Porcelain Door Knob range is sourced from Chatsworth, an English company based in the Midlands whose heritage includes Bullers of Staffordshire who were established back in 1847.  Still creating a range of kiln fired ceramic door knobs with a wide range of designs, these quality English porcelain Door Knobs and Handles have a wide choice of designs to suit any decor.


porcelain goldline door knobThe most popular item is the Victorian style Bun Knob is available in a range of simple colours; White, Black and Cream. This classical design will match with many original pieces, and is perfect if you are looking for a resotration style piece for an older property.  Also popular when trying to match older exisiting door knobs are the Goldline designs, which were popular in past decades and so can be easily matched with existing doors.

As a variation to the design the simple white and cream colours can also be made in a crackle glaze finish to the porcelain.

To match with the Door Knobs is a perfect range of accessories in porcelain including Porcelain Escutcheons, Porcelain Fingerplates to complete the look of the whole door.

In addition the Chatsworth Porcelain range also includes a wide range of designs based on flower motifs and other art inspired designs, some taken from the traditional English canal boat decorations popular in the Staffordshire area.

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There is a large range of coloured and art inspired porcelain door knobs available at More Handles.

spare rose for porcelain door knob The manufacture of the porcelain door knobs have a separate rose plate which allows them to be fitted either as a mortice pair with the roses fitted to each side of the door, used where the latch mechanism is morticed into the door.  However as the rose is separate they can also be fitted to a more traditional Rim Lock where the rose is only required on one side.


The porcelain rose (or backplate) for the door knob is secured through the rose with two small wood screws, and the door knob is then secured onto the spindle using a simple grub screw fix located at the base of the knob.  The spindle has a unique shape that allows for fitting to the plastic moulded socket inside the porcelain knob, this allows for the modern screw fittings to tighten without the risk of breaking the porcelain.



In addition to Porcelain Door Knobs there is also a lovely range of porcelain door handles, many available to match.  With the porcelain door handles these are always fitted to a metal based rose or backplate giving a nice twin finish to the design.

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More Handles has the largest range of Porcelain Door Knobs, Porcelain Door Handles and Porcelain Cupboard Handles available anywhere in the UK.  Please give us a call to discuss your requirements; TEL 01228 516516 or visit our website to browse through the huge choice available.