NEW!  OSMO Wood Oils and Finishes now in stock at More Handles.
Wood finishes and oils now in stock at More Handles

More Handles are pleased to announce they have been chosen as an official supplier for OSMO wood oils, finishes and products. OSMO has a fantastic reputation in the industry for the beautiful, easy to use products that allow both Trade and DIY to get the perfect finish on interior and exterior woodwork.

The top selling interior products include Osmo Polyx-Oil 3032; Osmo Door Oil 3060; Osmo Top Oil 3061 and the Osmo Wash & Care 8016 and Osmo Liquid Wax 3029 Cleaners. The most popular exterior products include Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 and Osmo Wood Protector 4006.

Osmo wood oils at More Handles

What makes OSMO such a good choice?

Natural goodness of Osmo Oils
Good For Wood - The OSMO products are based on a blend of natural oils and waxes specially chosen to work with the nature of wood and cork to penetrate the surface and protect deep into the wood.  OSMO do not supply lacquer based products which forma film over the wood not allowing it to breathe. The oils and waxes create an elastic, micro-porous finish which leaves the wood looking naturally beautiful, protected and durable.

Accreditation of Osmo Oils
Good For You - The sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oils, as well as the waxes and pigments used in the OSMO products are all classed as food safe. This makes them the perfect choice for interior wood finishes, especially around the kitchen, and exterior in children's play areas and toys. OSMO see themselves very much as pioneers of an environmentally friendly product created without the so called 'green solvent' materials which can cause allergies.

Good For Work - OSMO finishes contain a high amount of pigments and oils and as such they have a much better coverage than more conventional finishes. They provide a stunning surface finish after just one or two coats, without the need for a primer. The coverage means one tin of OSMO gives nearly double the coverage of other finishes, saving you time and money. Add to that a 5 year shelf-life and frost recovery properties and the OSMO products will last much longer in the shed too! Once you have used OSMO you will never look back.

The OSMO website has lots of very useful information on choosing the right product, frequently asked questions, product information sheets and much more;

Osmo Oils brand
Along with some helpful videos too on the benefits of OSMO and how to use;

Paul Rheinbach Director at More Handles said; "We are really pleased to have the OSMO products in stock as the Trade Customers are a discerning lot, and they like to work with the best products. The feedback we have had on the OSMO range is excellent, whether working on doors, floors or external joinery OSMO has the right product, and we have some very impressed customers. 

"We are keen to spread the word to our Internet customers too as we always like to share the Trade Secrets and make sure Mr DIY doesn't miss out on the best products available. OSMO is now available online through the More Handles website and at our lowest prices too! Come and have a look."
More Handles is now an Osmo Stockist