New!  OSMO Polyx Oil - RAW Tint  Now Available

More Handles are pleased to announce a new finish which has been released from OSMO UK as part of the popular Polyx Oil Range.

The new 3044 Polyx Oil Raw is designed to look invisible to the eye and retains as much of the wood's natural colour as possible.

The normal effect of applying the Polyx Oils is to accentuate the natural colour and grain of the wood, and even the Clear Polyx Oil tends to exaggerate the colour of the wood a little.  The new RAW Finish counters this exaggeration and leaves the wood looking as near to natural as possible while still gaining all the benefits of protection.

We would expect this to appeal particularly on quality woods with a naturally attractive finish and grain pattern that you would wish to maintain as close to it's original colour as possible.
Available from stock at More Handles