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Do Door Knobs have to Match Hinges?

Do door knobs have to match hinges?

We're often asked this question along with similar queries such as Do cabinet hinges need to match knobs? Do door handles have to match hinges? Should hinges match door knobs? And there’s no hard and fast rule when choosing, generally if your hinges are exposed they should match your handles and knobs finishes. But, of course, not everything has to match, it's common for finishes on door handles and other hardware to blend but necessarily be exact matches. There’s no simple answer as every home is different, there are a few factors that you will need to consider when selecting the doorknobs, handles and hinges for your doors. We need to think about practicality as well as personal preference and style. Nobody wants to add features to a room that will stick out like a sore thumb. You can easily hold the hinges and knobs or handles against the finish of your doors and cabinets to see which colours and styles go best together.


Does door hardware have to match?

Door handles, fixtures and fittings, and other hardware don't have to match exactly, but they should blend together to make a harmonious space. If you want a cohesive aesthetic, select hardware that's a similar colour to the finish on your fixtures and appliances. Brushed nickel, for example, coordinates well with stainless steel appliances, while a dark, oil-rubbed bronze looks great with black appliances.

Replacing the door handles will cost anything from £10 upwards per door (I use Carlisle Brass for quality and price point). It's one of those details that needs to be done. Hinges need to match, too. That goes for the kitchen as well, if they show on the door. If you have a home where the outside door hardware can't be changed, you can often update the inside of the door to coordinate with your decor. Investing in this important detail will make a big difference that you'll notice immediately.