Black antique door knobs have always been considered a luxury in door hardware. This is because the black antique style of door knob has the ability to add a sense of class and history to your home. Antique door knobs are a very popular type of door hardware which are best suited for traditional period properties.

We stock an impressive array of antique door knobs from brands including the Ludlow Foundries, Kirkpatrick architectural hardware and the Anvil. At More Handles we only stock the very best antique door knobs so that you know that you are paying for quality. In particular, our black antique ironmongery door knobs are made to a high quality meaning that they are not only well-made but are also very authentic; by buying antique door knobs you are also buying authenticity. The Ludlow Foundries ball mortice door knob is a brilliant example of this, showing how by buying a door knob from More Handles you are also buying style for your home.

The Anvil round door knob is another equally beautiful looking piece. These door knobs are faithfully reproduced to original designs by hand, meaning that no two Anvil round door knobs are the same. They are solid cast and unsprung making them perfect for use with a heavy sprung latch or lock. You can even choose the finish, whether you want a beeswax look or a powder coat finish. However, perhaps the Kirkpatrick door knob on backplate would be of more interest to you if you fancy something more elaborate, ensuring an authentic antique style. Whatever your taste, the door knob collection at More Handles is bound to house a piece of door hardware to suit you.