How do I fit my new door handles?

Another really useful DIY Video Guide Tutorial courtesy of Carlisle Brass.

This video is another step-by-step guide of how to fit door handles on a backplate. These instructions show how to fit any generic door handle which uses screw fittings to the door.

Here are the simple instructions on how to fit a door handle on rose taken from the video;

1.Locate the spindle through the square hole in the latch or lock and place the backplates onto the spindle each side of the door. 
2.Mark screw holes with a bradawl. 
3.Remove backplates and spindle. 
4.Drill pilot holes for woodscrews. 
5.Fit backplate locating spindle through the square hole in the latch/ lock follower ensuring enough projection of spindle on either side. 
6.Tighten grub screws where applicable to secure spindle. 
7.Screw wood screws in place when aligned. 
8.Ensure door is fitted with correct mortice lock with 57mm centres.

You should now have a neatly fitted door handle on backplate!

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