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A Guide to Buying Screws at More Handles

More Handles stocks a huge range of screws to suit all applications. Supplying the industry-leading TIMco Brand of screws, along with a wide range of screws from our ironmongery suppliers designed specifically for fitting their door handles, cupboard handles and other ironmongery. We are confident that we have the best screw for whatever your project.

Below we set out some useful information on how to identify and understand some of the common industry jargon when it comes to screws, and to help you know what kind of screw you should specify for which job.

Screw Types and Information

The information below details the different kind of recess and head types that are available from the TIMco range of screws, fixings and fasteners.

Countersunk vs Double Countersunk

torx recess

    Designed for countersinking into timber for a flush or recessed finish.

torx recess

    Improved design on the countersunk head to give additional head strength and assist countersinking.
    Small ribs on the countersink to assist completion of countersinking.
    A countersunk head with a slight raised dome for an attractive finish. Ideal for use in hinges.

Bugle Head Screw

  • A curved surface under the head to prevent damage or tearing to the plasterboard paper.

Round Head Screw

    Head with a flat underside. Designed for application fixing against metal surfaces.
    Low profile head with a flat underside for applications where a large clamping area and an unobtrusive head is required.
    Positive drive Hex Head with an integral washer to increase clamping effectiveness.
    As above with EPDM washer to prevent water ingress.

Screw Recess Types

  • TIM DRIVE RECESS / TORX DRIVEHigh-performance recess on TIMco Multi-Fix and Velocity Screws.
  • cross recessCROSS-RECESS / POZI RECESS
    Standard recess for woodscrews, chipboard screws etc.
  • PHILLIPS RECESSStandard recess for self-drilling and drywall screws.
  • SLOTTED RECESSTraditional recess for certain woodscrews.
  • Recess on square drive pan self-drilling screws.

Screw Thread Types

  • COARSE THREAD (up to 16 TPI)Also know as spaced threads, they are normally used for all timber applications and for steel with lesser thickness (1-2.4mm normally).
  • FINE THREAD (over 16 TPI)Also known as metric threads, they are only used in steel applications. Fine threads are for use with thicker steels (2.4 - 12mm thickness).

twin thread


Also known as twin lead threads, they are designed to give a fast insertion time in soft material.

  • HI-LO THREADIs used in soft timbers, plastics and into thin sheet sections. Hi-Lo threads have superior holding power compared to a low TPI coarse thread in these types of material.

Screw Point Styles

  • NEEDLE / GIMLET AND SUPER SHARP POINT (SS)Designed for piercing timber, mdf, plastic and light gauge metal up to 0.6mm without pre-drilling.
  • AB POINTFor use in heavy sheet material applications.
  • B POINTFor use in shallow holes.
  • SELF DRILL POINTFor drilling into metals without the need for pre-drilling.
  • TYPE 17 POINTAlso known as slash point, they are used for fixing timber without the need to pre-drill. The slot at the end forms a cutting edge which reduces splitting of timber. It also penetrates thin sheet metal if required.
  • DOUBLE SLASH POINTDesigned to assist precisely when used in hard material such as plastic and thin sheet metal.

Screw Measuring Information

The measuring guides below explain how to measure a screw gauge, thread, threads per inch and how to measure the overall length of a screw.

Screw Gauge

The gauge of the screw is determined by the thread diameter.

Screw Thread Length

Below shows how to work out the thread length.

Screw Measuring Lengths

Fasteners with the following Head Types are measured from the underside of the head to the point of the screw:

Measurement to the point of the screw

Fasteners with the following head types are measured from the top of the head to the point of the screw:

Measurement to the point of the screw

Size Conversion Table

The table shows the closest conversion value from imperial to metric.

Screw Threads Per Inch (TPI)

The TPI is the number of thread crests that can be counted within 1” (25.4mm).

Please contact one of our Hardware Team at More Handles who are specialists in TIMco Screws and will be happy to advise and answer any questions you may have.

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