With the fourth season of Game of Thrones finishing we thought we’d offer something that might help to fill the gaping hole left by The Starks, The Targaryens and The Lannisters. In those dark months where we live without Game of Thrones we sometimes need to surround ourselves with stuff that reminds us of it so we don’t feel so bad. This may come in the form of an action figure that you put on your desk in work to help you adjust to a dragon-less world. It might be the hand of the king pin you wear like a charity badge as a mark of respect for the characters who are no longer in your life.

 Whatever it is you do to live on without Game of Thrones we can almost guarantee they won’t be as good as the collection of door knockers we’ve found. What better way to pledge your allegiance to the realm than emblazoning it on your front door? We’ve all got a favourite family so find them in our list below. Or defend your realm with a slightly less ostentatious handle from More Handles’ collection


Targaryen door knocker

Whatever your argument might be for disliking the Targaryen’s it will automatically be mute as they have dragons. I can see you’re trying to raise an argument reading this. They have dragons. This door knocker would proudly sit on Danaerys’ home, keeping her dragons safe.  


Wolf Door Handle


Let’s face facts: the Starks are universally loved and for good reason. They’re all likeable, even after they’ve died. This wolf door handle will be sure to scare away any pesky Lannisters. Except for Tyrion, he can stay.  


Greyjoy Door Handle


The Iron Islands are surrounded by sea which is why The Greyjoys have a giant squid as their house sigil. Balon Greyjoy is even called The Kraken. If you live by the sea and imagine ruling over your own coast line go for these octopus inspired door handles. 


Tully Door Knocker


The Tullys are lords of Riverrun and their home sits on the river Trident, which is why their house sigil is a rather fetching trout. This door handle is beautiful and will completely please the slightly unbalanced mother figure in your life.  


Lannister Handle


A controversial lot, The Lannisters. They have got cruel Cersei, who is the ultimate wine-swigging over protective mum, but then they redeem themselves with Tyrion. Their house sigil is a lion, which is why Shae always called Tyrion ‘My Lion’. The less said about her the better. These door handles are an example of some of the finest smithery in King’s Landing. 


Dothraki handle


The half adopted house of Danaerys Targaryen had a horse as their sigil. Khal Drogo’s lot were all rather into their horses and some even claimed they lay with them. Logistically that seems difficult to us, however these horse door handles are something to marvel at. Scare your enemies with these lovingly crafted geldings.

More Handles are experts when it comes to door handles. Feel free to browse our selection of door handles to get you inspired.