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From The Anvil - A Guide to Product Finishes

Beeswax finish                           


This is a beautiful and original looking finish for INTERNAL USE ONLY but please note it is not maintenance free. The manufacturer recommends the use of their maintenance wax.

All products with this finish are treated with pure beeswax imparting subtle matt richness to the metal. This gives excellent protection where products are fitted internally and properly maintained. To bring out the best in the original finish the manufacturer recommends that before installation the products are given a buff with a soft cloth.

Using the maintenance wax will help restore & maintain the finish and afford protection. Sometimes because of temperature changes your product might have a slight white bloom, buffing with a cotton cloth should remove this.  If surface rust does occur rub with 00 grade wire wool and apply maintenance wax with a rag. Inevitably when two areas of metal come into contact an abrasive action occurs, and sooner or later the wax surfaces are lost by the constant rubbing action. This is unavoidable during the operational activity of the article, so where obvious abrasive areas of moving parts are visible an occasional light oiling is recommended prior to fitting and periodically afterwards.

WARNING: The chemicals in wet plaster will rust this product. Always fit ironmongery when plaster is fully dry. Also mild steel or malleable iron, which are the two materials we forge, when fitted in damp environments (eg bathrooms) or areas prone to low temperatures (eg windows), have the potential to exhibit surface rust. If surface rust does occur rub with 00 grade wire wool and apply maintenance wax with a rag.

Traditional black finish (powder coat black)


There are many general advantages to using the powder coating process over conventional paints. For instance it contains no solvents so is kinder to the environment, overspray can be reused, it doesn’t run and it provides a tougher coating. Powder coating provides an attractive and durable corrosion resistant finish. Our traditional black finish can last for a good 15 – 20 years so it’s an excellent low maintenance option for exterior ironmongery applications.

Pewter patina finish


Pewter Patina is elegant and beautifully highlights the texture of the steel. Stylish and modern, it is equally suited to a new home as well as a period one. It has excellent anti-corrosion properties. Externally this finish requires no more than an occasional cleaning with a damp cloth. If you want a maintenance free finish combined with a superb natural metal colour then pewter patina is ideal.

Bronze finish

Our rustic Bronze Finish is a steel product beautifully handforged and then coated with a permanent bronze finish. It is not like other finishes on the market which are usually oil rubbed bronze versions, which are less weatherproof. The permanent finish will not wear and requires very little maintenance and it has excellent anti-corrosion properties. Externally this finish requires no more than an occasionaly to be wiped with a lightly oiled cloth from time-to-time which will remove harmful deposits and maintain it in its original condition. This finish blends in well with most timber types and won’t look out of place on a historic building, a stately home or a contemporary apartment.