Fitting Instructions

Replace the existing door viewer or drill a 14mm hole in the door at eye level. Insert the camera from the outside while inserting the washer between the back of the lens and the door. Make sure that the arrow mark on front of the camera points upwards.

Fit the holding plate over the end of the lens then screw the locking barrel on to the threaded part of the camera and tighten, this will hold the plate to the door. You can then secure the plate with 2 or 3 screws (provided). Make sure that the arrow on the plate points upwards.

The wire of camera should be connected to the socket in the back of the digital door viewer,excess wire should be attached behind the small hook.
Hook the digital door viewer over the bracket at the top of the locking plate and secure with two small bolts through the holes in the bottom of the digital door viewer case.


•Press and release the power button, then the unit will continue working for the next 10 seconds.

•Light Indicator: If the light indicator turns on, please replace the batteries.

Safety measures

•Cleaning – Before cleaning, turn off the VCR. Do not use detergents or abrasives. Use a dry cloth.

•Water and moisture – Do not use any of this equipment in outdoor areas (except the outside of the sensor). Do not use the device in the presence of explosive or flammable fumes.