Your front door makes a statement about your home. Smartening up your front door is a great way to lift the whole appearance of your home. You might not spend that much time looking at your front door as you are juggling keys and bags and thinking about getting inside. Visitors to your house might spend more time standing on the doorstep, waiting for you to answer the doorbell and hanging on to see if you are in and that is when your front door will be most on show. Smart door knobs and other front door furniture like a working door knocker, doorbell and letter box can make a huge difference to how welcoming your home feels to visitors who arrive and need to find a way of attracting your attention to see if you are at home. 

Door Knobs From More Handles

At More Handles we stock a range of door knobs that are suitable for your front door. We also offer a range of bell pushes, letter plates for letter boxes and door knockers. We sell numbers and letters for your front door too, to help the postman find you more easily. These are available in both pewter and brass.

Not Just Door Handles

At More Handles we don’t just stock door knobs, handles and drawer pulls, but all kinds of front door furniture to smarten up your front door and internal doors too. You can call into our showroom or visit our new website today to see our full range of door furniture. 

If you would like more advice about any of our products then please contact us on 01228 516516 or email