Dexterity and Door Handles:

The most important feature to look for while choosing door knobs and handles is dexterity. Movement or motor skills of your hands and fingers is called dexterity. It is nothing but the ability to grasp and hold objects and perform fine finger movements to manipulate small objects.  

Children and the elderly have less dexterity capabilities and with door handles and knobs being the most commonly used element in our home, you must make sure that you get handles and knobs that demand less dexterity. This offers easy access to the elderly, children and people with particular disabilities.  It is also best to use lever handles as this requires less dexterity and one can just push down on the handle to get the door open. Lever door handles also offer good grip.

Get the Perfect Door Handle from More Handles:

Now if you’re looking for door handles that can satisfy the above needs, then turn to More Handles. We stock an array of handles and knobs that will require minimum dexterity and can be operated with comfort and ease.  These handles and knobs come in designs and shapes that also offer firm grip and ease of use.  All our handles and knobs are sourced from top notch brands that are very quality conscious, which ensures you’ll only get the best. 

Handles and knobs from More Handles are practical, stylish, extremely functional and exceptionally durable. They not only serve the functional purpose, but are also available in such vibrant designs that make them good decorative pieces and are highly capable of enhancing the look of your home instantly. We have door handles and knobs to suit any period style of your home, be it contemporary, classic or traditional.  Such a huge variety ensures you’ll find your dream door knobs and handles.

For expert advice on choosing the best door handles and knobs that will be easy to operate and require less dexterity contact More Handles at Unit 3 Grearshill Road Kingstown Ind Est Carlisle CA3 0E Tel: 01228 516 516 Fax: 01228 401 847 E: