Renovating your home and working on giving it a fresh look can be a real challenging task, especially when it comes to choosing small details such as door handles. These tiny parts play a major role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. If chosen appropriately, they can instantly bring your rooms back to life. Handles are finishing touches that will help you embrace the look you want.  They are the most budget friendly means of renovating your home and giving it a facelift. These tiny little details not only pull together the look and feel of the room itself, they also give your home a coordinated vibe. 

If you’re on the look out for door handles, then More Handles is the best place to start with. We are door hardware specialists and carry products from a vast range of leading brands like Carlisle Brass, From the Anvil and Pewter. There are hundreds of styles, colours and finishes you can choose from and you can find a handle for almost any interior design. No matter if you’re looking for a trendy, contemporary, traditional, classic or luxurious look and appeal, our handles can offer you the best solution.

Our door handles are made from superior quality materials, so the quality and functionality of our handles is always up to scratch. We have an extensive range of classic, traditional, contemporary and luxurious door handles. 

Our brass handles are excellent for Georgian and Victorian styled homes, while our traditional handles are antique pieces that capture the charm of the originals. Contemporary door handles can instantly give the room a current, modern look. We also have ultramodern or luxurious handles that come with leather strapping.

Regardless of whatever style you choose, our handles can give the perfect finishing touch to your doors.

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