Choosing the right door knob for your home can be a very personal decision. Door knobs are not the sort of thing you buy someone as a gift, so you need to make sure that you choose the right door knob for you and your home. More Handles offer a wide variety of door knobs and door handles for you to choose from, so everyone can find something which looks great in their home.

Make Your Room Sparkle With Crystal Door Knobs From More Handles

One of our favourite types of door pulls has to be crystal door knobs. They come in glass or crystal variety; varying in shape, size and style so that they can look great in an old Victorian house, or add a little shine to a stylish and contemporary apartment. Crystal door knobs are a timeless classic and can jazz up any door. 

Glass VS Crystal Door Knobs

Both of these door knobs can look great in most houses, but one will usually have the edge over the other. If you prefer glass door knobs, we would recommend the classic ‘glass ball door knob’ in frosted glass as it is simple and understated, but fine and luxurious. These will also look good in every room of the house, no matter what the style and will help your house be uniform. However, if you prefer a door knob in a crystal variety, we recommend the ‘Swarovski Crystal Door Knob’ which features a crystal band going round the outside of it. 


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